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Got there late. The artist still agreed to give me ink. He was upfront with me and said if I wanted color, I would have to make an actual appointment, which was good that he was honest. Afterwards, we had an issue getting an Uber back to the resort and events ought he didn't have to, he gave us a ride back. I highly recommend this shop.

Michael H

Lincoln brought my idea to life. I was a walk in & he charged me good price & provided good work.

Justin F Designation

I highly recommend Lincoln. The tattoo I had done was my tenth, and this was by far the best experience I’ve had with an artist. Lincoln went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with my tattoo design before my appointment. When I arrived, he had the stencil prepped and was ready to go! I’m used to having to wait up to an hour for an artist to get started, so I was very pleasantly surprised. His professionalism and kindness were refreshing, and the tattoo turned out beautifully - even better than I expected. I’ll definitely be returning to Tattoo Blues to have him work on another design for me in the future. 😊

Samantha J Designation

We were on vacation in FLL and went to about five different shops so we could review artist portfolios. There are a lot of walk-in shops in Fort Lauderdale. Some are your run-of-the-mill shops with apprentices doing walk-in flash art, but many local shops and artists had great reviews and still offered walk-in services. We found Tattoo Blues and researched each artist's work on IG. Victor's portfolio really stood out from most others in the area. We talked to him on Wednesday evening and said we would be back Thursday night for his 6pm-2am shift for my son and I to get tattoos. I'd be remiss if I didn't stop here and mention the shop "greeter," Eddie. Eddie is an old-school guy, covered in ink from head to toe, wears an MC cut, no t-shirt, and a long grey beard. He claimed to be the greeter to anyone who asked but in actuality, he's the co-owner... even if he says the lady who comes in to make sure the shop is in order is the REAL owner. Eddie was awesome! He talked to everyone like we were family, posed for pictures with the girls, talked about the FLL area, how he loves meeting people from all over, etc. Just a great guy and experience. As for the tattoos... Victor doesn't disappoint! My son had a very vague idea for a portrait on his forearm and Victor was able to deliver an awesome tattoo. My GF ended up wanting one, as well, and hers came out looking great. I was the last to go - starting at about 11pm and ending at just about closing time. I have wanted a specific tattoo for a while, and he was able to draw it up and add some extra touches to it and it came out better than I could have envisioned! I felt the pricing was fair for the amount of work we got done and for the quality of his work. I highly recommend Tattoo Blues if you're ever in the FLL area.

Shawn S Designation
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